Hi! I'm Vladimir Dumont, first violinist, spokesman and on-stage narrator for The Quartet of the Longbeards.

Essentially, as the group's unofficial leader, part of my primary duties are to introduce you, our loyal listeners, to the various works we play on each program we do, and to acquaint you properly with a few occasional anecdotes related to that specific piece's history. On many occasions, this aspect of my duties has largely resulted in a traditional question-and-answer session, where members of the audience are encouraged to ask us anything they wish!

  • NAME: Vladimir Dumont

  • DOB: February 6th, 1926.

  • HEIGHT: 5'8".

  • WEIGHT:170 lbs.

  • EYES: Blue.


  • BIRTHPLACE: Mittenwald, Bavaria.

  • CURRENT RESIDENCE: Central Park West and West 81st Street, Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

  • WHAT I PLAY: Stradivarius violin made in 1426 A.D.

  • LIKES: Bowling, studying, research, performing.

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